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Atak Tourism continues its activities in student and staff transportation, VIP transportation, and cultural tours throughout Turkey and abroad as of today. The reliability we have carried from the past to the present, our quality-oriented work approach, and our respect for nature are the fundamental resources of our company.

Atak Tourism, which has managed to grow even during global economic downturns, continues its journey with a pioneering and innovative identity by combining our traditions with our experiences. In this journey, the commitment of all our employees to each other and to our company strengthens our common spirit.

With our long-standing reliability, future-oriented strategies, and corporate structure, we continue to be a trusted brand both domestically and internationally as Atak Tourism. We maintain our unwavering belief that we will pass on to future generations, growing and developing along the way.

Seyhan Pilavcı

General Manager
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Our Business Plan Strategy

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Planning and Coordination

Atak Tourism goes through a detailed planning process before providing personnel transportation services. This step involves understanding customer requests, determining routes, considering factors like routes, travel frequency, vehicle fleet, and personnel needs.

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Management of Vehicle Fleet

Atak Tourism has a large and modern vehicle fleet. Efficient management of this fleet is a fundamental part of the operation. Maintenance, safety, and comfort of the vehicles are important for ensuring customer satisfaction. Technological innovations like GPS tracking and air conditioning are also used.

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Personnel Training and Customer Relations

Atak Tourism provides services with a professional and trained team. Drivers are trained in customer relations and communication skills. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of the company's success. Good communication and friendly service strengthen customer relations.

  • Customer Consultancy

    We offer services ranging from student and personnel transportation to VIP transportation, cultural tours to special event organizations. We work to provide a safe and comfortable travel experience and aim to provide you with the most suitable solutions in terms of time and cost by conducting meticulous planning and risk management. To consult with us on these matters, you can call us now at 444 70 18.


We have more than 180 customers worldwide, working in industries such as "Automotive, Packaging/Food, Construction, Banking, Machinery, Chemistry, Education, and Public Sector".
*For all our references, you can contact us at marketing@atakturizm.com.

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News from Us

  • May 5, 2024

We Renewed Our Website

We keep up with technology and regularly update our website with our in-house team of developers. We renewed our website as of May 2024 to better introduce ourselves.

  • May 5, 2024

Expanding Our Fleet

We continue to add new stars to our fleet's magnificence. We renew our vehicles with those that are more modern and have superior features compared to the model year old ones. Thus, each member of our vehicle fleet becomes ready to serve our passengers by offering the brightest blessings of technology.

  • May 5, 2024

Route Tracking System Coming Soon

We will soon launch the details of the "Route Tracking" system planned for next month. This way, employees will be able to track their services via the mobile application.